Fold up shipping container home – another solution


This great idea would be perfect here in Fiji!  Solar panel, composting toilet, and folds down to handle extreme weather.

So many un-used shipping containers here.  Mountains of them sitting around in “container parks” for sale.  Each one costs about $5000 FJD (about $2500 USD) yet the habit here is to build corrugated iron homes for more than ten times the cost which are not cyclone resistant, let alone flood tolerant.

If these homes were also on wheels, they could be moved to higher ground in the event of cyclones and floods, often caused by tidal surges, or even the rising water of the ocean due to climate change which is as we speak, causing villages to relocate to higher ground.

9 thoughts on “Fold up shipping container home – another solution

  1. Love this idea and have had it in mind for our place in Vanua Levu for a little while now juggling with the idea of bringing a container from Australia or purchasing it in Fiji. Who would be best to contact of we were to purchase in Fiji? Look forward to hearing about your project :) Char


    • Hi Char, you can purchase shipping containers in Fiji. Not sure about Vanua Levu but if you call the below, they might be able to help you, as I think you can buy them in Savusavu.
      Suva Container Park Ltd
      Free Listing
      in Storage – General
      Phone: 627 9166, Velovelo Subdvsn Ph/Fax Lautoka, Fiji
      Phone: 331 1341, Foster Rd WBay Suva, Fiji Mobile Numbers:
      999 9754-Mobile-Suva

      I believe a 20ft container is about $5000 FJD. They also have 40ft containers, it is just out of Suva past Walu Bay industrial area. They have thousands of them!

      Also You could try


  2. Hi Alice

    Just wondering how you are going with your container build? I am very keen and would like to find out as much info as possible.


    • Hi Adrian. I built a traditional Fijian bure in the end but it just got washed away by the tsunami in cyclone Winston. Am currently raising funds to build a new house. We are sleeping in a tent at the moment. Never mind. Things can only get better from here :)


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