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Bottles float in Suva Harbour


Assorted rubbish and recyclables on beach in downtown Suva


Roadside refuse, Suva


Sleeping rough, surrounded by packaging


Bury or burn? Afterr church in Levuka, Ovalau Island


Waiting for rubbish day, foreshore Levuka, Ovalau.


Washed up or deposited? Levuka, Ovalau Island

6 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Would love the BBC to come and film in Levuka – it is such a quaint town and we need the publicity! Please contact me. Vinaka, Rowena


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  3. Bula,

    My name is Nick Pryor, the owner of, a “buy and sell” website for locals in Fiji.

    I’m interested in placing a link on our website that points to your blog website in exchange for your website to link back to us.. Since is becoming quite popular in Fiji, it would be a great opportunity for your website to gain more traffic from our visitors. We have over 4000 visitors from Fiji to our website each month, and we’re still very new, so that number keeps growing.

    Would that be something you might be interested in? Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Nick Pryor

    – The “LakoMai” Team
    “The best deals in Fiji are from your neighbour!” ||


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