Photos – Suva – Faded Beauty


The Grand Pacific Hotel, burned out in a coup many years ago still stands on Suva foreshore.

Suva – a once beautiful city.  One wonders when it all went wrong.  Beauty is everywhere but in a decaying state.  It reminds me of well dressed old ladies in the street with silver hair, and their best tailored dress.  The dress, once beautiful and fitting is from long ago, and is stained with yellow here and there; the hair still set in the style from the prime years of her marriage, husband and hair pigment now long gone and just a purple haze, the eyeliner on the top lid applied with rheumy eyes without seeing, and the red lipstick still the same as the one worn to the dance many years ago, seems to seep into the cracks surrounding the once full mouth.


A disused fountain in the Park at the Museum. A feeling of hope and optimism must have been present when it was built and flowing – now neglected and in disrepair.

Was it just political unrest to blame, or that foreign rulers who wanted to impart a sense of permanency to all they did and built, in a frustration with the temporary nature of everything here, but in the end, just left in disappointment and with regret?

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3 thoughts on “Photos – Suva – Faded Beauty

  1. This is beautiful. I think maybe you should add Poet and Story Teller to Artist, Mother, Activist, Wife, Friend, Singer.

    I always wondered where my flair for lyrical writing came from, now I know :)

    I think this post would be perfect on a place like – which is a website for telling stories. It is just wonderful, I think you will find a lot of like minded people like you on there :)

    Oli has been encouraging me to publish my work for years, so I posted my first story last week. Very liberating!


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