Zdravstvujtye! (Hello in Russian)

I will remember, with gratitude, your father’s kindness. This was particularly evident the time that Alan was on study leave and I stayed home with the two boys so their schooling would not be interrupted. Albert stressed that he was available as a backup, to help in any emergency. This wasn’t needed, but the knowledge that he was just over the road was a tremendous comfort to me.

Albert was also a good citizen. i remember him, out on the road, in front of the shop sweeping up the glass and debris after an accident.
Before the Five Ways was reconstructed there were many many crashes as cars tried to negotiate a very awkward corner.

My other prominent memory is of Albert’s mischievous glee when he was able to converse with the occasional Russian customer in their own language. He was proud of the fact he could still speak Russian – I think he had learned it at school in Lithuania. Jan and Alan Jones, St Lucia

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