Fiji – Issues and Environment – A need for awareness and Action


Suva City Foreshore, close to the Holiday Inn, outside the Government Office Tower and Suva City Council Buildings – a daily sight – tyres, rubbish and recyclables but no plan or consistent or coordinated action in place.

Click on the links below to see full articles:

Documentary explaining ocean plastics

Artists make art from beach plastic

Documentary Film – Consumed

How to make a thatched roof from PET bottles

How to make an outdoor pizza oven from recycled stuff

How to make a rocket stove from cans – no kerosene needed

How to make an electricity free light bulb from a plastic bottle

World’s First bottle from recycled Ocean Plastic

Planned Obsolescence

For ever-ever?  Whose problem are the bottles really?

Plasticized – from sushi fish to fish sushi?

Seaweed house – an alternative to corrugated iron in Fiji

Air pollution Suva survey – please participate

How to make a solar flower PET garden light

Recycling PET bottles in Fiji

How to make a flower light from recycled plastic bottles

Village Stay in Fiji – make a difference for only the cost of your air fare!

Suva’s iconic buildings and parks being restored

Sustainable Tourism Fiji

Radio interview – Fiji Environment and Pollution Solutions

Ordinary Fijians and the issues they face

44 million PET bottles in one year in Fiji- Official report

A plush upholstered foot stool from PET bottles recycled

Recycling- Coca Cola Amatil and another perspective

How to solve the problem of recycling in Fiji- one simple idea

15 Great Ideas for Recycling Plastic Bottles

Our Clean Up Published in Print News – how I did it

Poverty in Housing – moveable bamboo solution?

The State of Education in Fiji – sink or swim?

The Power of Mom Bloggers for Social Good

One Saturday morning in Fiji – you are what you eat

Is Paradise really a Possibility

Clean up Fiji – some thoughts on Recycling and Corporate Responsibility

Levuka, The Old Capital of Fiji – what washes up with the tide?

Suva Harbour – solace and septic – a paradox

Fiji – what? no picture postcard

Suva – faded beauty

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