Learn to Weave Fijian Voivoi Mats

Do you want to learn to weave a Fijian Voivoi mat?  IMGP1679

If you are coming to Fiji, or are in Fiji, and you would like to learn to weave, Vuli and I would be happy to teach you.


Me sitting on my first mat. It took one roll of voivoi to make this mat.

IMGP1294Close to Suva, you can come and learn to weave in our home overlooking verdant farms, with a 24 hour cooling breeze (taxi fare from Suva approximately $20FJD, or catch the Nausori bus to Koronivia for $1.60).


During the class, you can also learn how to make (and eat!) Fijian Babakau IMGP7331(delicious sweet fried bread), Fijian lunch (seasonal produce and depending on your dietary requirements – let us know if you are vegetarian, allergic to anything, etc), or learn to weave a palm leaf basket.

Or, if you are busy weaving with Vuli, I will make your lunch!

Let us know your requirements – number of people, when you are in Fiji, and whether you just want to have a bit of holiday fun, or whether you really want to take the time, and make a full mat.  IMGP1693

Please contact us with your details.   For a bit of an explanation as to what is in store for you, click here. Rates from $25 FJD/day per person depending on group size.

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