Village Stay or Volunteer in Fiji – have a ball and make a difference


Want to stay in a village and make a difference, for only the cost of your airfare?  Contact me and I can hook you up!  Want to replant some coral while on holiday?  Or maybe replanting some mangroves is more your bag…

Rural Fiji is beautiful and so many villages live a rural lifestyle.

Here’s how: click here or contact me on the contact page.

Or, volunteer to dive Fiji and collect marine data in the Yasawas.



2 thoughts on “Village Stay or Volunteer in Fiji – have a ball and make a difference

  1. Alice there is a need to re-educate the people of Fiji to protect and nurture the environment.For most people the environment is taken for granted-the responsibility is left to Nature.Sadly the people of Fiji have defaulted this responsibility and turn a blind eye to its destruction.pollution,contamination etc.It is so easy to slip into a typical Fiji attitude of “someone else will look after it “, “someone else will take care of it.” The onus is on each of us not to trash our lsland Nation somehow for the 21st Century to encourage,aspire and value the surroundings,we have been blessed with-the Air,the Land ,the Plants and the Sea.Sadly we have turn Fiji into a gigantic Rubbish Dump!!!.


    • You are so right Osea. I am happy that you took the time to visit my blog. I have many posts on just the same topic, and I agree with you – the responsibility lies with us. I would be interested in your comments on some of my other posts regarding the environment. Perhaps you can refer others to the blog and the Cleanupfiji facebook page and we can start to make a difference. If you want to organise recycling in your island, or village, please let me know and I can give you some contacts.


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