Fold up shipping container home – another solution


This great idea would be perfect here in Fiji!  Solar panel, composting toilet, and folds down to handle extreme weather.

So many un-used shipping containers here.  Mountains of them sitting around in “container parks” for sale.  Each one costs about $5000 FJD (about $2500 USD) yet the habit here is to build corrugated iron homes for more than ten times the cost which are not cyclone resistant, let alone flood tolerant.

If these homes were also on wheels, they could be moved to higher ground in the event of cyclones and floods, often caused by tidal surges, or even the rising water of the ocean due to climate change which is as we speak, causing villages to relocate to higher ground.

A woodhouse built or moved here and there…

Given the poverty of housing in Fiji, in particular in the informal settlements (shanty towns), and after the regular flooding and cyclones, plus the skills that many rural and coastal Fijians have in building homes from bamboo and coconut, this could be one solution to the problem. In particular, the moveable homes made from bamboo. In cases of rising flood waters, homes could simply be picked up and moved until the waters recede. With just under 40% of Fijian Households living in poverty housing (CLICK LINK for Habitat for Humanity Report) , bamboo homes, shipping container homes and other solutions could be investigated.

To see 22 beautiful homes made from shipping containers click here.


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