Rocket Stove – no kerosene needed!

stoveAnother idea for using all the tin cans we have here in Fiji – most people don’t have a fridge, and you can only normally buy fish in a big bundle which is too many to eat at once unless you are having a lovo.  Therefore most fish is eaten from a can.  Also, most people eat beef from a can, oh, and lamb from a can.  Cans everywhere.  Kerosene stoves are usual here, as gas is also expensive.  Here is an idea for a kerosene free stove for heating water and cooking a few things….

With almost half of Fijians living in poverty, this could be one part of the solution.

3 thoughts on “Rocket Stove – no kerosene needed!

  1. Hi Alice,

    Just a suggestion….

    With your Blog Posts, a good idea is to post only once a day.

    People get a lot of stuff in their In boxes daily, and when they see your posts mount up, the danger is they will feel bombarded with material, start deleting them to clear their in boxes,and not read them.

    You can write the posts as you think of them, save them as a draft, and publish one each one day.

    I have about 5 drafts in the line at any one time.

    Some of my subscribers tell me they are busy at work in the mornings, so they save my post till evening, sometimes in bed, as they are often humorous, and they like reading them before they fall asleep.

    But they won’t read more than one.

    Just a suggestion…………….


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